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Aman Gour

Artist pagal hota h!
                         -the laxmi agrawal

Hello everyone! I’m an artist and when it comes to art in our society, it’s generally considered as a allow decision or a hobby, but never a profession that’ll provide an income and secure future. Art is beyond all thing for me. And you will realise it as soon as you will read about me. 
I’m Aman gour and I’m 21 years  and still working to be the best and it’s very hard to brief my life when every moment of my life was different from each other. If I had to sum it up, then there will be 4 different phases so  buckle up for for every phase with a lesson it taught me. 
 The first phase of my life, i would probably name it as “the confinement phase” to be honest I never realise that art could be more than a hobby until I won some of the most unbelievable prizes, handed me over by chief minister Shivraj shingh chauhan. 
That feeling was different for me, not just an appreciation but also an achievement.
The time had come to take decision for myself. I went against my family and decided to join an animation center. When I told them about arena animation, they were not prepared to afford the fees. Later I joined a coching for sketching under the guidance of Veshali upadhyay mam for 1 month and then I ended up being in hamidiya college. Fine arts as a subject it wasn’t easy because my name didn’t showed up until the last CLC round. 
College life was fine but something was missing, so when one of my friend told me about IEHE Institute bhopal, DCA (diploma in creative arts). I decided to join I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but i was ready to face the new challenges. I had few exhibitions of art at IEHE Institute and BSSS college. I had to do part time job to pay my fees and I entered the second phase of my life. 
The mentor phase, if I start the list of names of people who supported me, showed me direction, these are some of the best people I would like to thank. 
The first meeting with yash singh, owner of The artist classes was at nimdus arcade trilanga. We had a conversation & he decided to keep me as an intern. I started teaching students & was paid per month. Soon he suggest me about an online app for startup of artwork business. 
Artwork business startup. I know I had to name my studio something special, so I decided to name it over the most special girl of my life. She was lucky for me, supported me at my worst. I named it “𝓐𝓢 𝓬𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓿𝓮 𝓪𝓻𝓽 𝓼𝓽𝓾𝓭𝓲𝓸” where A stands for Aman and S stands for sakshi. Together we formed a creative studio. 
In 2019 , I did wall art at chhattisgarh with karan bharti and at agar malwa , ujjain with tushar bosde for swatch bharat abhiyaan. 
I enquired for exhibition in kolkata and a world biggest painting in indore. I was all set to participate in it but as I told you things always don’t go right. The lockdown phase started and it got postponed. 
Like every other individual, my lockdown wasn’t easy. I couldn’t find any work and earned very less. The light of hope was fading until the life happened. 
It surprised me with Riddhisiddhi art studi whose owner Mr. Rishabh nigam in first meeting offered me to teach traditional art & madhubani painting to some of the students. I started working with him and soon I was co-organiser. 
“The special events phase” of my life begins…. 
On December 10/ 2020, one of my sister friend shared whatsApp story “volenteers artist urjent required” in Delhi . I grabbed  the opportunity and decided to go there with no clue of whom I was working with, I was shocked to know that I was going to meet one of the most inspirational personality “The Laxmi Agrawal ”. I feel lucky to have opportunity to work with her. The best experiences of my life were 20 days. Recently when I have been art work in laxmi foundation. Laxmi mam offered me to be the official member of her team as an artist. 
All this experience lead me to an NGO ruined by 2 wonderful sister’s Vasha thakur and Manisha thakur who gave free education to under privileged kids, who were brilliant. I loved there initiative and joined them to teach free art to the kids. 
Recently, I have been teaching art course in The laxmi foundation. 
 I have been grateful have a mother and grand Maa who were ready to understand my work and support me. 
In this journey of my art from being merely hobby to be added my profession. I have found myself. The treasure and pleasure of my life. I would like to introduce you all to me.
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