Basic Charcoal & Sketching Course

This course is for absolute beginners and intermediate level artists seeking to improve
their fundamental skills. No previous drawing experience is necessary!

● How to draw any shape.
● How to observe and analyze any subject.
● How to draw any form by breaking it down into basic shapes before adding dark lines.
● How to use light lines and basic shapes to lay an accurate foundation for finished drawings.
● How to hold the pencil.
● How to bring your drawings to life with detail and texture.

Fees- 1600/-
Duration- 3 weeks

●Stedlers/fabercastle/derwent/Apsara/ or any brand Graphite pencils HB,2B,4B,6B
● White gel pen
● Blending stumps
● 200gsm sheets (A3 or A4)
● Charcoal stick
● Kneadle eraser or any

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