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Dhananshree Manjare

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
– Pablo Picasso

An artist comes up like a lotus from the mud. Being an artist is a blessing, she says, Dhanashree Manjare. She is an Indian artist born in 1995. The grown-up in the city of Pune. Who is close to nature & always drawn to the countryside lifestyle. She has completed her masters from Pune University in 2018, currently pursuing Masters of Psychology. Art has been an obsession and emotion to her since her childhood. She is intensively attached to art and a great worshipper of not only art but also to a lot of different forms of creativity. She was always a curious kid with keen observation over every tiny thing that appears in nature. Be it a small dried leaf or the flowing water, everything kept her excited & curious. And she started to paint them on canvas like poetry. Her great inspiration was & will always be nature. She says, there is so much more to learn from nature, it’s creativity is absolutely fabulous. The detail in her paintings is inspired by the beauty of nature. Nature is unmatchable art by itself to her.

From an early age to her, Dhanashree started drawing. Art always kept her curious. She spent her whole school life by painting, sketching & drawing. Art has been her best friend & would spend the entire day painting. During her school hours, she used to utilize most of her free time in sketching and drawing. She started sketching live portraits when she was in her 6th class.

Art has always been a soul food to her, which keeps her lively & ultimately a soulmate to her.

The major incidents that happened in her life were whether to stick to academics & fulfill parent’s dreams or to choose art. She faced traumatic stress when she was not able to paint while she was pursuing CA. Because she never wanted to disappoint her family & so spent 6-7 years without touching the paintbrushes only because her family asked her to do so. Everything was a battle without art to her. But she couldn’t hold this intense pain for longer than 7 years, as days were getting worse day by day without art.

These years were life-changing to her, which brought huge changes in her personality & gave her a reality check of the world that exists outside the canvas. These experiences gave her art a new direction.

She says an artist is filled with so much depth, passion, pain, love & the only way to bleed it out is by creating. The only way to communicate & express it all perfectly is through art. To her, it’s intimacy, it’s a way of expression to transfer that intense energy into the audience, it’s a way of energy shifting with its entire depth, it’s a dance of the bruises on the canvas, it’s a touch & awakens another being in a place they hadn’t known was aching or sleeping.

She loves to live in her own imagination because it’s the only way to unplug herself from the real world. Because of her, there is no serious work without great solitude. She is always intrigued to learn something & everything new.

She believes that everyone is a student until his/her last breath.

Dhanashree’s paintings are a window into a powerful and vivid imagination. Her pieces are full of rich colors & deep shadows & explore. Despite their realism, they are very much paintings of the heart & explore the feeling of being in the presence of the sacred and the beautiful. Her work is mainly a combination of realism & composition.

  • She is a full-time professional artist now.
  • She was a part of two group exhibitions.
    • Chitra Sadhana 2018 group show of paintings at Yashwantrao Chavan Kala dalan, Kothrud – Pune.
    • Artifact group show at Kala Academy- Goa.
  • She has also won prizes in many competitions. She is a versatile artist who works in oil colors, acrylic colors, watercolor, pencil colors, etc.
  • She says “if you want to find heaven, then get dissolved in art.”
  • Email ID: daartistry29@gmail.com
  • Instagram handle: dhanashreee29
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