Riddhi Siddhi Art Studio

Kolkata Art Exhibition


We Guide

Riddhi Siddhi is always excited to meet new artists and provide them the best guidance and understand there perspective of creativity.

We Create

In our studio we concentrate to build the creative ability of artists and in doing so we also provide art classes and various workshops.

We Give

Platform is one of the most important part of an Artist journey . Every Artist needs an opportunity to give there best shot to showcase their talent ! and this is what Riddhi Siddhi provides.

Meet Our Participants



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Riddhi Siddhi Art Studio

Dhananshree Manjare

An artist comes up like a lotus from the mud. Being an artist is a blessing.

Rishabh Nigam

It's all about possibilities, you just need to make your mark in the world you dream of.

Aman Gour

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep

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