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Rishabh Nigam

“Creativity takes courage”.
– Henri Matisse.

Working in the field of Art is always like meditation to me. The more I work the more I discover myself and this is what I believe in. This journey is never-ending & I too don’t want its end. Being a Civil engineering background student, it is always a difficult task to balance both field and in doing so I learn the most precious yet important skill i.e. “TIME MANAGEMENT” which helps me a lot.
From the start, I decided and trained myself by opting for yearly goals for self-development. These yearly goals helped me to develop step by step.

My beautiful journey started when I represented my school in the State Art Exhibition “Bal Rang” organized by Indra Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangralaya (IGRMS), Bhopal in 2011. I felt a spark, got recognition with lots of blessings. After that, I participated in many art competitions and was very active in local art events. I was very curious to know more about Artists and their way of thinking. During my engineering time, I work as a freelance artist but my aim was different. These all were stepping stones of my dreams. I always followed my heart and was very much curious to work and explore more and more genres of Art. For that, I pushed my self to break the walls of creativity and explore the new “ME”.One of my major exhibitions and experience that gave me the spectrum of my dreams was in the 2017 event named SOLACE – A GROUP ART EXHIBITION in Swaraj Bhawan, Bhopal, where I showcased my color pencil work which was one of the major limelight of the event.

It inspired me a lot and I started working on my skills day and night, worked on my pencils colors, took myself to another event and showcased my work in other cities. Writing poems was one of the talents that give me the freedom to express my feelings and its a refreshment to make a mark in the field of writing. Participated in Open mic to show my talent also worked on my presentation skills.

In 2018 I established and organized the first edition of the Riddhi siddhi art Exhibition where 14 artists from different cities participated. It was a success, a dream, and everything that I can imagine. I make sure that each idea should run accordingly and each artist should get a proper stage. It was a huge success as media support was a phenomenon, local newspapers, radio channels, and footsteps were uncountable.

In 2019 we came up with something unique and pushed ourselves to make a mark. We organized the Madhya Pradesh First Painting Party. This was a huge success and after in September 2019, we Organized the second edition of the Riddhi Siddhi Art Exhibition with a different look, different structure with a great response.

In 2020 I was in Pune and was working on my skills. It came to my mind that we should rais the bar and start organizing the event in Pune. This led to the Third Edition of Riddhi Siddhi Art Exhibition and this time we were nationally recognized, more than 50 artists participated in the event from different states and cultures.

As an artist, I always believe that we all have our purpose in life and we need to find the right place in the world. We should work hard, help others and should be down to earth in nature. This is the only key to success and will always be there for sure.

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